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Changes in PeptideShaker 1.0.4 (September 27. 2015):
BUG FIX: Escaped a potential null exception that could occur when downloading gene mappings.
MATLAB program for analyzing H/D-exchange data [131]
interactive protein feature visualization and integration with experimental proteomic data [28]
2. Submission process - How to do a submission?
BUG FIX: Fixed a typo in the PRIDE Reshake dialog, PumMed > PubMed.

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hydrogen_bondifier NEW FEATURE: The versions of the search engines are now stored in the project details and showed in the project report. Changes in PeptideShaker 1.9.2 (April 1. 2016): A new MACS level identification chart, and an updated version of the MACS leaflet, in Spanish is now available for download. Follow the links to the left. open source tool for mass spectrometry and chromatography [23] LIBRARY UPDATE: Updated uniprotjapi to version 2012.02. When it’s finished, click Done and close Disk Utility. 2A. Complete Submission: mzIdentML- or PRIDE XML-based

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